DAIKEN is a family office that seeks to respond to some of the major challenges facing humanity such as the growing demand for energy, affordable housing and technologies. We are championing a different way of doing business that promotes the welfare of society and the planet, going beyond economic interests. We invest in sustainable companies, projects and people that make the world a better place, with a primary focus on emerging economies and prefer long-term opportunities.

DAIKEN cuts across social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development and by contributing to these transformations in society we fully support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



Renewable Energy

We work on supporting zero carbon power generation projects driven by renewable sources of energy. Working across projects in Africa, South Asia, Latin America and Europe, we contribute towards reducing the effects of global warming, but also help but target countries reduce their dependency on costly fuel imports and most critically improve the lives of communities.

Daiken is keen to capitalise both on opportunities both in the grid connected and decentralised sectors together with investing in supporting infrastructure.

Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable Housing

Communities across the world urgently need safe affordable housing. Responding to this we create environments that build communities from the ground up and improve the lives of people through large scale affordable housing solutions at rapid speed and massive scale.

Building Technologies

We own, use and sell eco-friendly building solutions that create low-cost, safe structure at speed. Based on structural panels and Expanded Polystyrene Systems (EPS), the building technologies we use are created under the leadership of top engineers and universities across the world.

Real Estate & Property Development

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