Investing in a sustainable, resilient world


DAIKEN specialises in sustainable investments, expansion capital, annuities and project development. It has interests in renewable energy, water management, sustainable housing and healthcare. It is a keen stakeholder in clean technology companies that it deploys in its own projects.

DAIKEN invests globally with its primary focus on emerging economies and prefers long-term opportunities with high yielding assets, generating quality recurring income.


The world is more connected than ever and DAIKEN has a continual in-depth exchange of expertise with its peer network, to invest in areas with attractive returns. Drawing on expertise from its global experience, its investment are led by its dedicated operational teams with swift and reliable execution.

DAIKEN focuses on ensuring it has the bigger picture combined with the strategic advice most relevant to the world today.


DAIKEN’s integrated approach is designed to ensure that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are recognised, rational and operated across the various steps of any of its investment cycles.

Investing in today’s new tomorrow

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